Youth Lacrosse Club in Monument, Colorado

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Boys's lacrosse is a contact game played by ten players: a goalkeeper, three defensemen, three midfielders and three attackmen. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal. The team scoring the most goals wins.
Positions - There are four positions on a team.

Attack: The attackman's responsibility is to score goals. The attackman generally restricts his play to the offensive end of the field. A good attackman demonstrates excellent stick work with both hands and has quick feet to maneuver around the goal. Each team should have three attackmen on the field during play.

Midfield: The midfielder's responsibility is to cover the entire field, playing both offense and defense. The midfielder is a key to the transition game, and is often called upon to clear the ball from defense to offense. A good midfielder demonstrates good stick work including throwing, catching and scooping. Speed and stamina are essential. Each team should have three midfielders on the field.


Defense: The defenseman's responsibility is to defend the goal. The defenseman generally restricts his play to the defensive end of the field. A good defenseman should be able to react quickly in game situations. Agility and aggressiveness are necessary, but great stick work is not essential to be effective. Each team should have three defensemen on the field.


Goalie: The goalie's responsibility is to protect the goal and stop the opposing team from scoring. A good goalie also leads the defense by reading the situation and directing the defensemen to react. A good goalie should have excellent hand/eye coordination and a strong voice. Quickness, agility, confidence and the ability to concentrate are also essential. Each team has one goalie in the goal during play.


Field Dimensions

A lacrosse field is 110 yards long and can be from 53 1/3 to 60 yards wide. The goals are 80 yards apart with a playing area of 15 yards behind each goal. The length of the field is divided in half by a center line. An 18 ft. diameter circle is drawn around each goal and is known as the "crease." A rectangle, 35 yards by 40 yards surrounds each goal area and is known as the "goal area." An "X" is marked in the center of the field. There is a special substitution area on the sideline, next to the timers table. Access field diagrams below for a clearer picture.
The goal is 2 vertical posts 6 feet apart, joined by a top crossbar which is 6 feet from the ground (a 6'x6' goal). A line is drawn on the ground between the posts in order to indicate the plane of

goal. This line becomes known as the goal line. Attached to the goal is cord netting, which is fastened to the ground 7 feet behind the center of the goal.


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Each player is required to have a lacrosse stick, gloves, shoulder pads, a helmet, arm pads, and a protective cup. The game is played with a solid rubber ball 7.75 to 8 inches in circumference and weighs 5 to 5.25 ounces.

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